This Agreement contains the complete terms and conditions between Citizens Lotto Limited and herein referred to as Agent with regards to his/her application to participate as an agent of Citizen’s Lotto under its agency scheme

  1. Whereas the Agent wants approval and permission to promote and sell the Citizen’s Lotto products via a designated shop where he has requisite legal tenancy. The Agent shall provide all the necessary requirements such as technical, organizational, and financial requirement in exercising the role of an Agent.
  2. The Agent will acquire all the staffing resource to make the games available to the public.
  3. The Agent accepts that Citizen’s Lotto may suspend this agreement at its sole discretion and without any compensation
  4. The Agent understands that the products offering under this contract includes Lotto, match e.t.c.
  5. Upon payment of the agency fee of ₦650,000 (Six Hundred And Fifty Thousand Naira). Agents will be given a minimum of 5 POS (Point of Sales) machines. This number may be reviewed upward based on performance evaluation.
  6. Agents will be entitled to a commission of 5% total sales on each POS machine.
  7. The Agent shall not transfer the business to a third party or change location without due notification to Citizen’s Lotto.
  8. The Agent should not stop suddenly from accepting bets without prior notice to Citizen’s Lotto.
  9. The Agent accepts bets without surcharges on winnings or reducing payouts to winners.
  10. To keep payment receipts for winnings for winning for Citizen’s Lotto verification from time to time.
  11. To ensure that Citizen’s Lotto Brand/ Logo/ Banners is on display boldly to customers.
  12. Agents must remit all payments to Citizen’s Lotto within 24hrs after the close of business each day for reconciliations.
  13. Agents commissions are paid directly to their accounts within the first week of each month.
  14. Upon discontinuation of agency agreement, The agent is required to return the POS machines to Citizens Lotto for a refund of ₦500,000 (Five hundred thousand naira) upon certification that the POS machines remain in good condition. ₦150,000 (One hundred and fifty thousand naira) of the agency fee is not refundable.


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