Citizen Lotto is a game run by individuals with states support. With each draw, players win money prizes instantly. There are also daily games and “pick and match” games that gives players more chances to win.

To win, you must pick six correct number from 1 – 59, However, there are partial winnings at least three correct numbers from the numbers drawn up to five numbers.Picking the six drawn numbers is the jack pot.

Draws will be every Saturday. All draws end before 7pm each Saturday to allow system update.


This is another aspect of the citizens Lotto that gives the players more chances and opportunity to win. In the game of mix “n” match, the players have opportunity to pick fewer numbers to win. The ranges are two, three, four, and five numbers.

Here, a player can decide just to play for only two numbers instead of six, or three numbers of their choice for a token of ₦150 only. Here players are free to play as many times as they desire as long as they pick between two to five numbers. The more you pick, the more your winnings. Note however, that the estimated jackpot is 50% of the total of what is played in a week plus partial winners.

In the event of no jackpot winner in a week, the jackpot payout is rolled over to the next week which automatically increases the jackpot amount. If by the end of each month, there is no jackpot winner; Citizens Lotto will direct the money irrespective of the mount to any community project(s) in any part of the state/sector as determined by the Lotto committee as their corporate social responsibility.

Each ticket costs ₦300 and players can have multiple entries of different numbers of their choice.


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